Learning how to embrace and peacefully resolve conflict is a skill critical to the development of our youth.  Too often youth take to texting or social media to facelessly escalate conflict rather than courageously articulate the core source of conflict face to face.

Peer Mediation provides youth with a set of skills which will help them to navigate relationship dynamics throughout their entire lives.

Rebecca Billick has trained hundreds of youth as Peer Mediators and is available to facilitate workshops at your school or camp.  While some Peer Mediation programs simply provide a booklet and sample conflicts for youth to work through in the abstract, Rebecca's experience and training as a low-ropes instructor allows her to create scenarios in which controlled conflict naturally occurs and can be de-escalated utilizing the Three C's of Conflict:  Communication, Concentration, & Cooperation.  

For optimal results, 12 students from mixed socioeconomic backgrounds should be chosen for each peer mediation training group. The group of students should be willing to commit to a minimum of 20 hours of training to become a Peer Mediator.   The training sessions will consist of lower ropes team-building; role-play; orientation to intake forms and resolution forms; orientation to empathy and "I" statements; what it means to be "a neutral"; confidentiality; and identifying the difference between "Win-Win", "Lose-Lose", and "Lose-Win" solutions.   

Contact Rebecca today to learn about how she can start training your youth today.