"A child seldom needs a good talking to as a good listening to." ~Robert Brault

Sometimes in the midst of advocating for our own perspectives, we lose sight of how our children see the world. You may have an attorney for your interests in court, and the other party may have an attorney for his or her interests in court, but who is there to speak for the children in court?

A Guardian ad Litem serves as a voice for the children during divorce, paternity, guardianship, and adoption cases. It is the Guardian ad Litem's job to meet with your children, their teachers, you, and anyone else who can speak to how your children are experiencing the world around them. The Guardian ad Litem then provides a report to the court which focuses on the best interests of your children.

You or your children's other parent may request that a Guardian ad Litem be appointed in your case. If you feel as though your children need someone to speak up for their needs in court, requesting a Guardian ad Litem is often a good approach.

In other situations, the judge will appoint a Guardian ad Litem even if you do not want one. The judge will often appoint a Guardian ad Litem despite the parents' wishes if he or she feels as though more information about your children is necessary in order to make the best decision for your family situation.

Rebecca L. Billick has almost 20 years of experience and specialized training in speaking with children and families in crisis and will make every effort to ensure your children feel comfortable....and even have fun....while she is meeting with them. When serving as a Guardian ad Litem, Rebecca meets with the children at least three times; regularly speaks with all parties; and makes every effort to speak with teachers, therapists, and relatives who have regular contact with the children in order to ensure that a thorough and accurate report is provided to the court.

Rebecca Billick Attorney & Mediator